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Company profile


As early as 1937, Landa Conserven began fishing cockles and other shellfish, at that time with traditional tools such as scoop nets and rakes. Originally, the company was located in the Dubbelstraat in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands. By 1965, the company had grown so much that it needed to relocate to Hoogerheide, the Netherlands, where a new factory was build at the Postweg, in the industrial zone De Kooi.

Since 1988, Mr Adrie Landa is director of Landa Conserven. Under his skilful management, the family business expanded significantly in the last few decades, and is flourishing to this very day. In agreement with tradition, the cockle virus has also contaminated his children. Daughter Claudia and son Bram both occupy responsible positions within Landa Conserven and in 1996, they became the shareholders of the company.

Working method

Although in the beginning we fished for cockles manually or with scoop nets and rakes, we started to use special cockle dredges in the fifties. The ship turned up the upper 2 to 3 centimetres of the seabed with a water jet, and at the same time, suction was used to direct the cockles in the ground towards and into the dredge. Smaller cockles, sand and other seabed animals were washed out through the 15-millimetre mesh of the dredge and returned to the sea. Subsequently, a powerful water jet was used to create the suction to lift the larger cockles up through a suction pipe onto the deck of the ship. Here they were sieved to separate them from any remaining small cockles. These undersized cockles were thrown overboard immediately, as they can dig themselves into the ground again in only a few minutes. Once on board, the cockles were boiled immediately and separated from their shell. Subsequently, the boiled cockles were transported directly to our factory for further processing.

In 2004, the Dutch government banned cockle fishing from the Wadden Sea. Since then, Landa Conserven no longer operates its own vessels, and only processes cockles imported from England in its factory.

Through a unique sterilisation process, the majority of these cockles are canned with a shelf life of five years. A smaller part of the cockles is submitted to a treatment with nitrogen to be processed as quick frozen cockles. Apart from cockles, Landa Conserven also imports and exports Clams (shellfish) and Whitebait (small fish).

Who is who?

Since its establishment in the thirties of the previous century, Landa Conserven is a real family business, and we are proud of that. But who are hidden behind the logo with the shell?

photo A.A. Landa


Mr A.A. Landa

Mister Adrie Landa is Director of Landa Conserven. Although nowadays his children are the shareholders of the company, he still is in charge of the day-to-day management.

photo A.B. Landa

Production Manager

Mr A.B. Landa

Since 1992, holding the position of Production Manager, Mr Bram Landa is responsible for the production process of all products manufactured by Landa Conserven.

photo C.H.M. Landa

Finance & Accounting Manager

Ms C.H.M. Landa

As Finances & Accounting Manager, Ms Claudia Landa is responsible for the import, export, contracts and the entire administration since 1994.

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